Zakim Bridge
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Songs that make you smile!
On a perfect New England autumn day, the bridge was opened to foot traffic for people to see it "up close and personal" at walking speed, and touch those cables (and take pictures!)   

There were security checks and long lines, but it was unforgettable for that one chance to wander on the pavement under an engineering marvel that would soon be surrendered to ten lanes of Boston traffic!
The Bridge Walk

October 6, 2002
The  songwriter/photographer (me)  standing on that magnificent bridge!
The Customs Tower seen through the cables.  I believe the peregrine falcons nest at the level of the green railing (contact me with a correction - envelope button at the bottom of this page).
A photographer's dream - spectacular geometry and a beautiful sky
The cable "feet" 
Cloud harp - the weather matched the spirit of the day
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New and old 
The bridge's twin towers echo the nearby Bunker Hill Monument
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And then, a week later ... ELEPHANTS!