The Customs Tower falcons have a new stop on their way
Up to see Old Ironsides and Bunker Hill today
Something soaring skyward where it meets them eye-to-eye
Boston-Town has spun a web between the Earth and sky!

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill
If a bridge can twist your tongue, this one surely will!
Address her with respect as you salute the old and new
But don't forget the greeting that makes her smile at you ...

     Zakey take me over your awesome crossing of
     Boats that travel under and cars that roll above
     By the name of Lenny Zakim and the pen of Christian Menn
     What a way to take 'em across and back again!
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Lenny Zakim
Christian Menn
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The bridge 
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 Pictures from Suzanne's day at the "bridge walk" held 
 shortly before the bridge was opened to traffic
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Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge
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 A bridge tradition from the 1800s